What we don't know IS hurting us!
Awareness is the starting point of training; then repetition is the next step (because we are conditioned by habit). By consistently applying these 2 steps we improve efficiency and effectiveness of movement, fitness and functionality.


Total Wellness

Mobile Coaching.

There are many mobile options, including phone, email, Skype or WhatsApp. Total Wellness is multifaceted and we work on many of these components with mobile coaching. Ultimate Convenience!

Procrastination is the biggest enemy of healthy function.

'Knowing ABOUT health and fitness is NOT the same as knowing health and fitness'.

Knowing through doing.

"Do it Now"

Comprehensive Assessment.

Functional Fysical Fitness uses a comprehensive assessment to determine the fitness level and starting point for each individual. This provides a foundation for building awareness and is an experiential education process that assists in learning and integrating more functional habits.

This then becomes the foundation on which to build the consistent  practice  of  exercises  to  condition and re-condition the body.

Sessions are 1 hour and are adapted to meet individual needs, booked by appointment.

"Do it Now"

Natural Movement.

Exercise and movement are components of, and born out of nature. They are only difficult because of the poor motor conditioning we are subject to in modern culture.

F3 trains natural movement. This is challenging when we don't function in natural environments, and when we don't know what to pay attention to. With natural movement and training, the body takes on a more pleasing appearance and efficient function.

"Do it Now"

Re-Training and Functional Movement

F3's 30+ years experience has honed the knowledge base and experience to achieve optimal results. During one hour appointments you are supervised, adjusted and closely scrutinized on movement form, coordination and execution. Consistent communication keeps you connecting  kinesthetically, correcting and progressing.

"Do it Now"

Functional Fysical Fitness

Virtual Tracking.

The information age can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how it is used. Use technology for good; with Functional Fysical Fitness Virtual Tracking.

The life unexamined is not worth living”  -Socrates

F3 Virtual Tracking will help maintain your consistency, accountability, awareness and discipline. As the virtual world surrounds us now and wireless devices abound, Virtual Tracking (VT) involves keeping a brief journal of your exercise routine, eating habits and how you’re feeling about them.

Your virtual records are shared with Functional Fysical Fitness (frequency to be determined) with billly@fffit.com and you will receive;


30+ years experience as a lifestyle coach, consultant and trainer offering a service to help you keep focused on yourself and getting results towards Total Wellness.