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The body is the only instrument you have to function in life.

How well does yours function?


Functional Fysical Fitness is your Total Wellness resource to help you function your best.


F3  =

Applied Knowledge = Power

Improvement in Movement = Ability and Agility

Attention & Awareness = Results Guaranteed


To continuously strive, learn and teach by example. To first do no harm, be professional and respect all human uniqueness and commonality. To aid in reintegrating the bodymind through movement, exercise and use of the multiple intelligences available to us using a wholistic approach with accurate recent scientific research and theory.


Self-empowered individuals continuously realizing improved function and greater human potential through conscious use of the bodymind living a more fulfilling balanced existence that radiates out into family, community and the world.

Functional Fysical Fitness

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Applied Knowledge


Total Wellness

Improvement in Movement

Ability & Agility

Attention & Awareness

Functional Fysical Fitness takes a different view on fitness.

Society largely views fitness as cardiovascular exercise, resistance training, and diet AND keep looking for that new, more challenging program/device/machine that will produce extraordinary results to “get” you “in” shape. 

This view of fitness focuses primarily on external results and often doesn’t help to prevent much less correct physical limitations and control stress, on the contrary very often adding to them.